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14 Awesome and Bizarre Bathtubs

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe …but did she take a bath in one, too? This fashionable pump is a custom bathtub from the Italian design company SICIS. It’s just one of collection of strange and wonderful tubs that seem more for show than for everyday use. Of them all, I’d [...]

Remembering Mom and Dad

A thoughtful young lady acquired these tattoos to remember her late parents: I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them Link -Thanks, wifey!

How Did King Edward VIII Meet Wallis Simpson?

© Bettmann/CORBIS In the 1930s, how would a middle-class Baltimore divorcee become romantically involved with the man who would be King of England? It always comes down to who you know. And Wallis Simpson knew how to climb the social ladder very effectively. She started at a young age. While at school, she befriended a member [...]

Victorian Lady Deadpool

This Wanda Wilson (Lady Deadpool) was spotted at TeslaCon 2011. Alternatively, this is a (male) Deadpool crossplay, set in the 19th Century. Like all things Deadpool, conversations get awkward quickly. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Wedding Dress Made from 250 Meters of Hair

A lady wants her hair to look just right on her big day. Every strand must stay in place. In this case, that’s about two hundred pounds worth. This wedding dress is made of a massive quantity of human hair. It was created by Thelma Madine and Ryan Edwards for the Alternative Miss Liverpool competition [...]

Why Do We Call the President’s Wife “First Lady”?

We may have Zachary Taylor to thank for coining the term, but it’s a journalist who popularized it nearly 30 years later. As I’m sure many of you know, Dolley Madison was one of the most beloved first ladies in the history of the White House. She was a charming and thoughtful hostess, she was the [...]

Lady Gaga Paper Doll Reveals Her Secret Identity

According to this hilarious Lady Gaga paper doll the pop star has been moonlighting as Voltron, Defender of the Universe! The meat dress, the spaghetti wig, it’s no she’s such a fashion icon-she wears all the food that models aren’t allowed to eat. Link –via ComicsAlliance

Marge Simpson’s Letter to the First Lady

Barbara Bush, the First Lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993, didn’t think much of The Simpsons, and said so publicly. Marge Simpson took offense and wrote a polite but firm letter objecting to Bush’s characterization of the show as “the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.” The First Lady responded to Mrs. Simpson’s [...]

Marie Antoinette’s Automaton Dulcimer Player

(Video Link) Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, was presented with this mechanical marvel in 1785. It’s a machine in the form of a lady playing a dulcimer. The lady isn’t just decorative, but an essential part of the musical performance. Be sure to watch the whole video to see other amazing automatons from the same [...]

22 Fascinating and Bizarre Classes Offered This Semester

From the Sociology of Lady Gaga to the Joy of Garbage, here are some of the coolest and weirdest college courses being taught this fall. 1. Sociology of Fame and Lady Gaga University of South Carolina © Michael Travis/Corbis No, you won’t get extra credit for wearing sirloin to class. As the syllabus warns, “This is not a course [...]