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My Little Lady Gaga

This pony wasn’t born this way, but subjected to the work of master ponysmith Mari Kasurinen. Here’s a ponified Lady Gaga wearing her famous meat dress. Link | Artist’s Website

The Celebrity Craziness Matrix

We all know celebrities are, to phrase it politely, a little eccentric. But as with all things, some nuts are nuttier than others, and those come in different flavors. The folks at Jest were kind enough to pick out the best and brightest among crazy famous (crazy-famous) people, and then organize them into a comprehensive, [...]

The Boring Secret of Popular Tweets

You’d think that the most popular tweet would be something funny and witty (like the ones illustrated at our pal Twaggies), but you’d be wrong. Roja Bandari and colleagues from UCLA and HP Labs have cracked the (boring) [...]

20th Century Styles, According To 1893

The illustrations in this gallery are from a Strand Magazine article from 1893 that was supposed to be a sneak peek of what fashion will look like in the 20th century. The writer even goes so far as to claim that he got these designs from a man who found a book dated 1993 that [...]

Sunglasses Inspired By H.R. Giger Artwork

These sunglasses are sure to make you the talk of the town, but whether that talk is good or bad is a matter of opinion. Inspired by the painting Illuminatus II by H.R. Giger, these sunglasses created by multimedia artist Doktor A make you look like you have a giant safety pin stuck through your nose, [...]

Lady Gaga’s Workshop

Photo: Alice Yoo/My Modern Met Move over, Santa. Lady Gaga has opened her own workshop at Barneys New York, filled with Gaga-esque stuff you can buy or simply marvel slackjawed at the collection: One entire [...]

Elderly Chinese Choir Takes On Lady Gaga

(YouTube Link) The elderly members of this Chinese choir show Lady Gaga how its done, remixing her song “Bad Romance” in a way only an elderly Chinese choir can. They bring senior citizen style and flair to Gaga’s slamming track, proving that you’re never too old to rock the party. –via BuzzFeed

My Little… Doggie?

This beautiful My Little Pony poodle was spotted over at the British Dog Creative Stylist of the Year competition. For more delightfully goofy pictures of posh pups, check out the link and enjoy The Telegraph’s slideshow, which also includes pictures of a dragon dog and a Lady Gaga poodle. Link

Lady Gaga Paper Doll Reveals Her Secret Identity

According to this hilarious Lady Gaga paper doll the pop star has been moonlighting as Voltron, Defender of the Universe! The meat dress, the spaghetti wig, it’s no she’s such a fashion icon-she wears all the food that models aren’t allowed to eat. Link –via ComicsAlliance

My Little Pop Icons

Photo link We’ve seen Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen’s work on Neatorama before. She’s at it again with her My Little Pony mods, now going after pop icons from Lady Gaga to Thriller-era Michael Jackson. My favorites are the Mad Hatter (pictured) and Edward Scissorhands. Link via