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Crazy Logistics

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, whether it’s the best way or frighteningly unique. Dark Roasted Blend has a big collection of people finding ways to get things done, from eating lunch without a fork to working on the roof without a ladder. Link

Folding Corner Ladder

Way back when, my father-in-law bought me a Little Giant folding ladder that, despite its name, ain’t so little. Still, I didn’t think anyone could create a ladder smaller than that, so I was [...]

Daschund Saves Owner and Inspires Recovery

Tom McKinney of Yuba City, California fell off a ladder and couldn’t move. His neck was broken. His 10-year-old daschund Chelse was the one who found him. No one else was around, so McKinney told Chelse to get help -and she did, by waking McKinney’s sleeping wife and alerting her to the emergency. Now, Chelse [...]

Bubba, the Ladder-Climbing Roof Dog

Bubba loves to be with his owner at work so much that he didn’t let a little thing called height keep them apart. Not when he taught itself to climb up a ladder! Bubba is not unique in that he enjoys doing the unusual and he loves going to work with his owner, Levi Baker. Only [...]

Grumpiness a sign of advanced civilization ?

Researchers believe that people who are short tempered may be higher up the evolutionary ladder than those who are easy going. In what seems contradic…