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The Neverending Story Tattoo

When I was a lad, the movieThe Neverending Story enchanted me. Then I read the book, which is even better. Among my treasures is a rare first American edition in red and green text–green for events in Fantasia and red for events on Earth. I’m certainly not the only person who loves Michael Ende’s story. At [...]

Little Miss Laugh-Out-Loud

Congratulations to Neatorama artist Adam Koford (Ape Lad) and his wife on the arrival of Elsa, who was born over the weekend. There’s the explanation of why one of his cartoons was posted twice on Friday! Link -Thanks, John Farrier! (Image credit: Flickr user Ape Lad)


Adam Koford (Ape Lad) made me smile with this edition of his Laugh Out Loud Cats. I’m a sucker for simple math humor. Link

Lard Lad

Lard Lad – $24.95 Are you looking for the perfect gift for a die-hard Simpsons fan? You need the Lard Lad collectible deluxe box set from the NeatoShop. This great find features Lard Lad, Homer Simpson, and the infamous Pink Sedan. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Action Figures & Vinyl Toys! Link

Caption Monkey 67: Mum’s the Word

Alex has been kind enough to hand me the keys to the weekly Caption Monkey contest, so I thought I’d start this party with a photo of my own. I won’t provide the context for this one though, because I’m intrigued to see what our intrepid crew of comical photo captioneers will come up with. The [...]

Twitter Avatars by Ape Lad

Adam “Ape Lad” Koford did a set of Twitter avatar designs based on the outline of the Twitter bird. I particularly love the one based on Where The Wild Things Are. Can’t wait for the new ones (get crackin’ Adam!) Link | Apelad’s Tweets

Limericks for Naughty Children

I’ve started a new project on flickr called Limericks for Naughty Children. Here’s a sample, and here’s the full set. I’m having a bit too much fun making them. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Ape Lad.