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Ice age predators didn’t starve to death

Scientists have determined that ice age predators were not wiped out due to a lack of food. Beasts such as saber-toothed cats and the American lion we…

Plants able to grow without gravity

Scientists have determined that it is possible to grow plants in space despite the lack of gravity. Experiments on the International Space Station hav…


Despite the lack of color, Ouka is a pretty game. The goal is to click on the swirling flower symbol. It starts out ridiculously easy and gets hard really quick after the first level. I got through level seven before I remembered I’m supposed to be working. Link -via Look at This

Geometric Darth Vader

Dark Lord by Liam Brazier One thing’s for sure, Liam Brazier’s lack of curvey lines certainly does not disturb the Sith Lord. Check out more of his uniquely angular illustrations here: Link (don’t miss the Cave Man one!) See also: Neat Star Wars stuff from the NeatoShop

Knowledge Map

Marian Bantjes created this awesome poster about knowledge (or lack of it) as a map. Check out the Isle of Knowledge, surrounded by the Sea of Ignorance and set apart from the Unknown by the Curiosity Straights (sic). I’m very familiar with the Beginners’ Gulf and the Shore of Limitations. It seems like I visit those [...]

400 wolves terrorise remote Russian town

A ’super pack’ of 400 wolves have started hunting together due to lack of food. Wolves who normally hunt in packs of six to seven are joining forces t…

10 Amazing Eyeless Animals

Eyeless animals can seem almost alien compared to those we’re used to, but a lack of sight doesn’t have to mean a loss in senses or abilities. The one in the picture above is an olm, which lives in the southeastern Europe‚Äôs Dinaric Alps. The people of Slovenia and Croatia call it the “human fish” because [...]

Loch Ness monster death rumours denied

A lack of recent sightings of the Loch Ness monster has prompted speculation that the creature, if it existed, might now be dead. The head of the offi…

Sleepless in West Virginia

Not getting enough sleep? If you live in West Virginia, there’s a good chance that you’re part of the 20% of the population who suffer from insomnia: West Virginians’ lack of sleep was about double the national rate, perhaps a side effect of health problems such as obesity, experts said. Nearly 1 in 5 West Virginians said [...]

Fog catchers take water from the air

A unique form of water collecting is being used in Peru to help solve the lack of water to be found on the hills surrounding the capital, large fo…