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Killer Whale Hunts a Swimming Dog

(Video Link) A diver off the coast of New Zealand spotted four killer whales and quickly scrambled onto the rocks for safety. A nearby Labrador Retriever was not as attentive. One whale closed in for an easy lunch…. -via Daily of the Day

Dog Gets in Trouble, Sent Home with a Note from the School Principal

Duke, a Labrador Retriever, is gonna get it for sure! When I was a kid, nothing was worse than getting sent home by the principal. And that’s what happened to him. During the day, Duke routinely escaped his yard and hung out at a nearby school. The letter from the principal read in part: The other [...]

Dog becomes celebrity for his math skills

A labrador retriever called Beau has been making headlines due to his alleged mathematical abilities. The dog’s owner David Madsen claims that Beau is…

Trained Dog Can Detect Colon Cancer by Sniffing Poop

A dog owned by Japanese medical researchers has a remarkable gift for detecting colon cancer victims by sniffing their excrement. The black Labrador Retriever has a 95% accuracy rate: In the study, the retriever performed as well as a colonoscopy, a technique in which a fibre-optic tube with a camera on the end is inserted into [...]

How Fast Should a Wet Dog Shake to Get Dry?

Andrew Dickerson of the Georgia Institute of Technology tested how a Labrador Retriever moves when it is trying to dry itself. They discovered that the dog oscillated its skin at 4.3 Hz and then extrapolated a mathematical model for furry animals in general: They reasoned that the water is bound to the dog by surface tension [...]