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A Bunch Of Fun DIY Projects For The Long Weekend Ahead

If the idea of a three day weekend with nothing to do seems like torture via boredom then take a gander at these neat DIY projects and get to building! You might not be able to build an entire TARDIS from scratch in three days, unless you have some serious carpentry skills, but a Star Trek [...]

A Brief History of the Jerry Lewis Telethon

There’s probably a special place in Hell reserved for those of us who watch Jerry Lewis’s annual Labor Day Telethon strictly for laughs. After all, Jerry’s humanitarian efforts over the years have raised over a billion dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, money which not only pays for research but also medical equipment and recreational [...]

The Late Movies: Roomba Rides

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. You’re going away, but the carpets aren’t going to clean themselves. Better leave the Roomba on… Clean carpets and entertainment for your pets. Because cats love Roomba rides. The hipper cats ride Scoobas. Kittens ride Roombas by the dozen. Of course, dogs love Roombas. Ferrets, too. Even bunnies love Roombas. And…did we leave Jr home alone?