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Mona Lisa in Jelly Beans

Mona Lisa has never looked so delicious! Kristen Cumings recreated Da Vinci’s masterpiece in the unlikeliest of medium: Jelly Belly jelly beans. A few years ago, Jelly Belly officially hired painter and illustrator [...]

Office Workers Stop Bike Theft

(YouTube link) Neatoramanaut Naimul brings us video of an event that happened at his workplace, WCG in San Francisco. A thief brazenly cuts through a bike chain and takes off on the bicycle, right in front of the office windows. The first one out the door is a designer named Kristen. People have complained that we didn’t [...]

Six-Word Fact Contest Winners!

Time to settle up our Six-Word Fact contest! The following people have all won mental_floss t-shirts. (Except Josh, who’s married to one of our researchers. Sorry.) I’ll be in touch about your prizes! Before sportscars, Ferruccio Lamborghini built tractors. — Junell * Indiana’s official state beverage is water. — Kristen * Twinkies originally had banana cream filling. — @ObitoftheDay * Eric Clapton lives in Columbus, [...]

Cliff Lee: Wild and Crazy Guy

The most dominant postseason pitcher of his era, Cliff Lee of the Texas Rangers might like to tell you his success can be traced to serious introspection in a thinking man’s game. Sounds feasible enough. He could make that case, except for one catch. He’s given it no thought. © JUSTIN LANE/epa/Corbis “I don’t really dig that deep [...]