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11 Long Celebrity Marriages That Ended in Divorce

When some celebrity couples divorce, it’s not at all surprising (here’s looking at you, Kim and Kris). But when couples like Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito announce they’re divorcing after 30 years of marriage, it comes as a true shock. We really thought those crazy kids—and many of the couples on this list—would make it! 1. [...]

Incredibly Detailed Sculptures By Kris Kuksi

Artist Kris Kuksi creates “mixed media assemblages” from, among other things, various bits of model kits, including the stuff that’s usually discarded. His works are chaotic scenes of wonder, full of cyber-Rococo style and bold, iconic figures lurking within a landscape that resembles a post-apocalyptic junkyard. Kris has cemented his place as an artistic superstar, with over [...]

Dinosaur Built (and Named) Like a Tank

Paleontologists Bill and Kris Parsons of the Buffalo Museum of Science in New York found a dinosaur skull in Montana in 1997. In the years since, they’ve excavated the rest of the skeleton of a new dinosaur called Tatankacephalus cooneyorum. “These were big dinosaur versions of a Sherman tank,” Bill Parsons said. “They were armored and [...]