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Krampuslauf Graz

(YouTube link) The Krampus Parade in Graz, Austria stands your idea of Christmas celebration on its ear, right? This video was recorded last December. Read more about Krampus in previous posts at Neatorama. -via Buzzfeed

9 Holiday Characters From Around the World

Most American four-year-olds can tell you all about beloved Christmas characters like Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman. But in other countries, talking about Rudolph and his ilk might earn you little more than a blank stare. Here’s a look at some holiday characters who might not be familiar to Americans, but play a big [...]

Krampus is Making a Christmas Comeback

This Christmas, forget Santa. There’s a mythical creature that’s making a big comeback: the Krampus. Popular in Alpine villages centuries ago, Krampus scared kids straight—his long red tongue upped the fear factor—and taught them that evil bows before good. He served Santa’s forerunner, kindly St. Nicholas, who had “the power to send Krampus back to hell,” [...]