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Homemade Satellite

Photo: Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters Most people don’t associate the word "satelitte" with "homemade," but that’s exactly what South Korean artist Song Hojun did. He made a $500 homemade satellite by rummaging through back alley electronics [...]

Black Forest: Tape Art by Hong Seon Jang

Believe it or not, the eerie image above is actually made using strips of tape on a chalkboard. It’s titled Black Forest, by Korean artist Hong Seon Jang: Link

Hanging Rocks Art Installation by Jaehyo Lee

Korean artist Jaehyo Lee spent over two decades meticulously hanging rocks by threads into an astonishing piece of art. Check out his gallery here: Link – via My Modern Met

Body Data Art by Minjeong An

The small picture above really doesn’t do the art justice – you’d have to go over to Minjeong An’s website and take a look at how the Korean artist turned her body into this artful schematic. She said: I first measure each [...]

Motion Blurred Figures Made Out Of PVC Pipes

These PVC pipe sculptures by Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong appear to be perpetually motion blurred, like they might take off and fly away at any moment. Kang creates these motion sculptures by bundling painted PVC pipes into shapes that hint at the subject’s true form without reducing the blur effect with all that fine detail. Now [...]

Beneath Your Feet

For this striking work, Korean artist Do-Ho Suh placed thousands of tiny human figures below a sheet of glass. They support the weight of visitors who walk through the Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York City. This exhibit will be on display through February 11. Link | Gallery Website | Photo: Lehmann Maupin Gallery Previously by This [...]

Relief Sculptures Made from Thousands of Drinking Straws

Korean artist Sang Sik Hong makes lovely curved sculptures by arranging thousands of drinking straws of varying lengths. He’s especially fond of depicting lips which, from a distance, appear to be carved from marble. Link -via NotCot | Artist’s Website | Photo: Zanthi

Sliced Steel Images

A Korean artist named Chan Girl Park creates sculptures out of steel cross-sections of his subject matter. Each assembly is held together with perpendicular rods. He also welds steel nuts together to form smooth surfaces for figure studies. You can view a Korean-language description of his work at the link, or a gallery of some [...]