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Donkey Kong Was Only The Beginning…

Digital artist Julien Bazinet has taken the classic arcade game Donkey Kong and recast it with some of pop culture’s most beloved characters, creating simulated screens for an out of this world platformer. Villains like Bane, the Xenomorph Queen and Cookie Monster?! await the hero at the top of the screen in these pixel-tastic homages to [...]

Game On, World

How would you make an ad for athletic shoes go viral? Just add Donkey Kong, like Nike did for this "Game On, World" ad. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Forbes

Kitchen Kong Gorilla Whisk

Kitchen Kong Gorilla Whisk - $14.95 Is your Mom a monster cook? Are her larger than life treats real show stoppers? This Mother’s Day show Mom how much you appreciate her sacrifices by getting her the Kitchen Kong Gorilla Whisk from the NeatoShop. This playful kitchen gadget, with a comfortable silicone-wrapped handle, is the perfect gift [...]

Hong Kong Airlines Flight Attendants All Know Kung Fu!

[YouTube Clip] Don’t mess with the flight attendants aboard Hong Kong Airlines! They’re all trained in the deadly martial arts of Wing Chun, a form of kung fu [...]

The Most Awesomely Geeky Tattoo Ever

To be fair, this tattoo will only make sense to those of you who have seen King of Kong and are familiar with Billy Mitchell’s obsessive Donkey Kong antics. If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it and then revisit this post so you can laugh and laugh. Link via GameFront