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The Most Mysterious-Sounding Village in Ohio

Who needs video games when you’ve got Google Maps? I can keep myself entertained for (what seems like) hours just staring down at the world from its godlike eye-in-the-sky — and looking for silly-sounding town names. West Virginia is ripe with them: there’s the town of Crab Orchard, which I can only assume harvests its [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Reasons Why the Number 13 is Unlucky

It’s Friday the 13th again! Anyone see any black cats? Walk under any ladders? I don’t really subscribe to the theory that Friday the 13th is unluckier than any other day, but superstitious people may have good reason to stay in bed on days like today. Here are 10 reasons the number 13 is unlucky. 1. [...]