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Combination Katara/Pistol

The katara is an Indian push dagger–a knife used in a punching action. This one includes two German flintlock pistols built into the engraved silver handle. Link -via You’re Not Bulletproof | Photo: Gregg Martin Auctions P.S. Here’s another one that’s even more finely crafted.

Jason Voorhees’ Pocket Knife

When Joerg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel (previously on Neatorama) wanted to make a folding pocket knife, you knew it’ll be awesome. Behold, the pocket knife worthy of Jason Voorhees of [...]

Animal Pocket Knife

David Suhami’s Animal Pocket Knife is a fun toy that can unfold into three different animals: The safari “knife” is completely harmless, yet still beautiful enough to be appealing to discerning adult minds. The object features interchangeable heads, legs and tails for three animals: a rhino, an antelope and a giraffe.  If, like me, you have a warped [...]

Horseshoe Knife

I’ve just discovered that there’s a crafting tradition of forging horseshoes into knives. This knife by Reed’s Blacksmith Shop in Arizona is a good example. The blade is four inches long and the knife comes with a fitted sheath. Link | Crafter’s Website

In Retrospect, That was a Dumb Thing to Say to a Man with a Knife

Add this to the list of Things Not To Say To a Knife-Wielding Man. Via Cubiclebot

Bloody Knife Spatula

Bloody Knife Spatula – $8.45 Do you suspect you are in need of a new spatula? Quick! Dispose of your old kitchen utensil and replace it with the Bloody Knife Spatula from the NeatoShop! This useful silicone tool is printed to look like a bloody knife. The thin spatula head slips easily under food. It would [...]

10 Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded Things You Should Know About the Swiss Army Knife (Now With a Corkscrew!)

Image credit: Flickr user AJ Cann Pocket-sized multitools are a dime a dozen, but the Swiss Army Knife is an icon. Its name is shorthand for versatility and its cross-emblazoned red handle has gone to theĀ North Pole, to the top of Mount Everest, to the depths of the Amazon, and evenĀ orbited around Earth on the space [...]

Banana Trucker Hat

This simple craft by Brock Davis for his kids required just a few strokes of an X-ACTO knife. Then this Chiquita truck driver was ready to hit the road. Link -via Super Punch

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shooters

You’ll need large strawberries and a steady hand with a knife, but if you’re careful, you can create shooters like these. Naomi’s recipe, which you can find at the link, calls for tequila and Cointreau. I think that the salted rims are a nice touch. Link -via Carrie Viehman Campagna | Photo: Bakers Royale

Five Badass Actors That Got Stabbed And Lived

Pictured left is actor Jimmy Smits, who was not stabbed in this article. He did the stabbing! Jeff Chase is an actor and stuntman who has been in the business consistently for years and is well respected, though not well known. He was shooting a scene for Dexter, the awesome Showtime show about a killer who [...]