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A Cat Receiving Transmissions From Outer Space

(YouTube Link) Kitties have highly tuned senses that help them hunt in the wild, but this crazy cat seems to be receiving transmissions from another planet!  Maybe it’s talking to the star of the movie The Cat From Outer Space, either that or it sees a bird outside and wants to get at it…naw, it must be [...]

You Listen to Me Mister!

(Video Link) Meet Bub. Bub looks a little different from other kitties, but it’s the noises he make that really set him apart. Heck, I can’t even tell if he’s happy or angry, but however he feels, one thing’s for sure -he’s darn cute. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

A Gallery Of Obese Animals

Apparently there’s an animal obesity epidemic in the U.S. that coincides with people being heavier than ever before, at least according to the almighty media. Personally, I prefer my kitties on the heavy side, so they don’t taunt me about my weight with their condescending looks and incredible feats of agility. Michelle Collins from Best Week Ever [...]

This Pitbull Just Loves His Kitty Friend

(Video Link) These two rescued critters are currently being fostered by YouTube user nrc5878. Apparently, in her home, kitties are in charge -not the pitbulls.

These Critters Sure Love Their Popsicle

(Video Link) Does anyone know if honey dew is ok for kitties and puppies? I certainly hope so because they are pretty darn into this frozen snack.

The Most Romantic Leopards In The World

(Video Link) Just in time for Valentine’s Day, these kitties want to show us just how to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Isn’t love beautiful? Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Finally, DJ Kitties Can Get In Some Practice

Does your kitty always want to sleep on your turn table? Then perhaps it’s time to get them their own Cat Scratch -the kitty scratcher for wannabe DJ kitties. Link Via Laughing Squid

I Want

(YouTube link) The Animal Humane Society put words in the kitties’ mouths to make you go “awww” and adopt a feline friend. Link -via Best week Ever

State of the Web

Anyone catch the State of the Union address? No? Too busy updating your status, or waiting for Tumblr to load? Well then take a moment to check out the current state of the Web, where we all come to avoid the news and to get lost in videos of kitties and show off our duckfaces. Matthew [...]


I love these images of kitties dressed as Marvel characters done by 6 professional artists. This cute but edgy Spiderkitteh was created by Chris Eliapoulos, the artist behind Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius. Link РVia Geekosystem