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Subliminal Compliments by Your Starbucks Coffee

Well, that $5 venti soy Caramel Macchiato sure knows how to stroke your ego! (At that price, it better be good). Tumblr blogger Kittens, Pills and Starving Thrills noticed a subliminal message in your morning [...]

These Nails Are Puuurrrrrfect

I know you ladies think these nails are way too perfect to actually paint yourself -and you’re right, they’re nail decails. But with this great tutorial, you too can wear your love of kittens on your sleeve hands. Link Via Make

The First Annual Cat Video Film Festival

The first ever Cat Video Festival was held Thursday in Minneapolis. A good time was had by all. From thousands of submissions, the festival selected the 76 best cat videos, and Buzzfeed has them all for those who could not attend. Most have been posted here at Neatorama over the years, but you might want [...]

Group Kitten Bath

(YouTube link) A half-dozen 3-week-old stinky shelter kittens all got a bath at once. What resulted was a symphony of complete unhappiness. -via Cynical-C

The Late Movies: Roomba Riders

Who rides on a Roomba vacuum cleaner? Anyone who isn’t heavy enough to crush it! Which unfortunately, leaves most of us out. Kittens How many kittens can you get on a Roomba? All of them! * Dog * Ferret * Hamster * Chick (with cat) * Prairie Dogs * Guinea Pigs * Cat, Not Dog No Roomba for you! * Baby *

Kittens born with 18 extra toes between them

Ned and Fred might seem like two normal kittens, that is until you try counting how many toes they have. The kittens were handed in to the Gosport Tow…

109 Cats Celebrating Christmas

Cats get a bad rap for not getting in to the the holiday spirit, but plenty of felines do have a soft spot for the holiday. In fact, BuzzFeed has a great collection of pictures of kitties celebrating Christmas. From cats climbing Christmas trees to kittens playing with presents, the pictures are all simply adorable. Link

Jedi Turtles

(Video Link) First it was kittens, and now it’s turtles! All of the animals are getting into the action — which is making trips to the vet difficult, I can tell you. It’s not the lightsabers that I mind so much as the mind tricks. -via Nerd Bastards

Jedi Kittens Trench Run

(Video Link) The Jedi Kittens are back! This time, there’s a frantic chase through a trench on the surface of the Death Star (or something approximate) followed by a lightsaber duel. -via Nerd Bastards

Adorable Kitty Hats

Etsy seller ToScarboroughFair makes utterly adorable hats for kittens, but I think the truly amazing thing about her shop isn’t her extensive collection of fashions, but how great her model is. Visit her shop for more delightful images and inspired hats. Link Via Laughing Squid