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Embrace the Remix

In this ten-minute video, Kirby Ferguson explains how the basic elements of a “remix” are actually the core parts of all creative work. Ferguson uses Bob Dylan as a case study — and he’s right to do so. Dylan’s early work was clearly based on other folk tunes, and there’s nothing wrong with [...]

Everything is a Remix (part four)

(vimeo link) Kirby Ferguson has released the fourth and final part of his Everything is a Remix series. This episode is called System Failure, and it’s about the concept of intellectual property, patents, and copyrights. Link Previously: Part one, part two, and part three.

Everything is a Remix Part 3: Innovation and Creation

Today I’m pleased to point you to the third part of the Everything is a Remix series. This one is my favorite so far, as it demystifies a series of inventions and creative works, explaining how creators are performing a copy-transform-combine cycle, using existing ideas to build upon them and make something new. Perhaps the [...]

Everything is a Remix: “Kill Bill”

In this video, the second part of the Everything is a Remix series, filmmaker Kirby Ferguson explains how Hollywood films are now overwhelmingly based on existing properties — almost everything that comes out these days is a sequel, remake, or adaptation of something else that was already successful. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing [...]

Everything is a Remix Part Two: Movies

(vimeo link) Kirby Ferguson’s series Everything is a Remix started with a look at how songs are recycled from past tunes. This second installment is about movies, and how everything old is new again. Among other movies, you’ll see visual illustrations of the influences you read about in the article In The Beginning: Star Wars. Note: [...]

The Late Movies: Best of 2010 Mashups

As we kick off 2011, it’s common to look back at the highlights of the previous year; the highs and lows, the things that inspired and entertained us and how we lived for the past 365 days. Tonight for The Late Movies, here are a few mashups, compilations and collections from 2010 as we look [...]

Trajan: the Movie Font

Never heard of Trajan? I guess you’re not a graphic designer. But you’ve definitely seen it: it’s everywhere, on every other movie poster you’ve ever seen. My wife works for a movie poster design firm, and sometimes when we drive around LA, which has way more movie poster billboards per block than any other city [...]