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Clemens Behr Takes His Sculptures To The Street

The (mostly) urban sculptures created by Clemens Behr kinda look like carefully arranged piles of trash, but throwing these works of art away would be such a tragedy, as they bring a sense of wonder and chaotic disorder to the urban cityscape. From a giant skull made out of paper goods to psychedelic tent like structures [...]

Hipster Voldermort Hates Vampires

Hey ladies, remember when Edward Cullen was kinda cute as Cedric Diggory, before he went all sparkly? Link

Dark Side of the Death Star

Sure, it’s a groaner of a pun, but I kinda want one now! Link

The Zombie Tabernacle Choir

This is kinda cute! Click the zombies in the Zombie Tabernacle Choir to make them sing their little heads off, sweetly, yet a little bit creepily. Link -Thanks, John Schnall!

Nutty, the Squirrel with a Human Best Friend

Need something cute and kinda silly to lighten up your Friday? How about the story of Nutty, a squirrel, and his surrogate parent Tony Hattersley (who is described in a lower-third title as “Nutty’s best friend”). From the BBC’s North West Tonight. Stick around at least until 0:45 for the shower scene. If that’s not enough cuteness [...]