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Little Craig’s List

Photo: BizarroComics Whatever your kids may have wished for, there are worse things they could have put on their list. Much worse things. As an avid Craig’s List user, I can tell you there is definitely a strange assortment of crap on there. It can really be a whole other kind of strange- a deviant kind [...]

Make Your Salad Perfect for the Holidays

You’re obligated to have some kind of healthy option availble at Christmas dinner, but usually they get ignored in favor of the more tasty treats available. If you actually want people to munch down on the salad though, maybe you should try sprucing it up into a wreath to better fit the holiday season. Link

Life Advice from a Cat

If Dear Abby were a cat, what kind of advice would you get? Jeff Wysaski at Pleated Jeans gives us seven typical questions and the feline wisdom to deal with them. Link

These Pups Are Quite Competitive

(Video Link) What kind of brilliant genius trained these fantastic hounds? Just look at these racers go. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Video Game Companies as Friends

What kind of a friend would your favorite video game company be if they were humans? Dorkly has the answer (nailed it, by the way): Link – via Geeks Are Sexy

Blown Glass Hermit Crab Shells

Back in my day, hermit crabs had one kind of shell -natural. These days, kids have the choice of painted shells, bejeweled shells, MakerBot shells, LEGO shells and now they can even show off their bodies with these gorgeous blown glass shells by Artist Robert DuGrenier. Link Via Laughing Squid

Criminal Mastermind Tries to Carjack US Marshals

A carjacker in Shreveport, Louisiana experienced a major failure in the victim selection process when he tried to take a car that was stopped at a red light. Inside were three US Marshals: Authorities say when Carter realized he had just tried to carjack three officers, he started running, but was caught a short time later. He [...]

Larry King’s Suspenders

This is the kind of thing the internet was made for. Longtime broadcaster Larry King did an AMA at reddit, and was asked how many miles of suspenders he owned. King did not know, just that he had 150 pairs of suspenders. IAmNoodles came to the rescue. I’ll do the math! [1] According to Google, Larry [...]

Tater Tot Eating Contest

Redditor medic23 received an awesome invitation and posted it to his Facebook page (although someone else beat him in posting to reddit). What remains to be seen is whether any medical emergencies will result from the tater tot eating contest, and what kind of workplace has this kind of awesome event anyway? Link

The Missing Links: Accelerating Ketchup

The Little Slinky That Could… Walk On A Treadmill Call me what you will, but there is something about this slinky walking on a treadmill that almost brought a tear to my eye. It seems to be trying so hard, and the music kind of makes the whole thing seem rather epic. Oh man, here I [...]