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The Late Movies: Savants

After last week’s post on Flo and Kay, the world’s only female autistic savant identical twins, I’ve been really interested in savants and all the amazing things they can do. So I dug up some videos that demonstrate savants’ abilities, and hopefully you’ll find them as impressive as I do. This is the amazing story of [...]

The Late Movies: Kim Peek, the Original “Rain Man”

Kim Peek was an autistic savant who inspired the movie Rain Man. Peek died on December 19, and below I’ve posted a five-part documentary about him, featuring neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran, among others. If you haven’t seen Rain Man, you probably should, but in short let’s just quote Wikipedia on Peek’s abilities: “His reading technique consisted [...]

Kim Peek, RIP

I’ve just learned that Kim Peek, the savant that inspired the 1988 movie Rain Man, died on Saturday of a heart attack: Peek was born on Nov. 11, 1951. At 9 months, doctors said he was severely mentally retarded. “They told us we should institutionalize him because he would never walk or talk,” Fran Peek said. [...]