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6 Intelligence Agency Websites Geared Toward Children

The United States spends $80 billion annually on its intelligence community. That’s equal to the combined amount spent on the entire Marine Corps, NASA, and the State Department each year, with enough change left over to buy the Legislative Branch. To keep that kind of cash flowing, success isn’t enough—it’s going to take some good [...]


(YouTube link) Kids in Cameroon made a steerable toy car with stuff they had. Give them all an “A” in elementary engineering! -via Arbroath

Psychedelic Movie Posters By We Buy Your Kids

These re-imagined movie posters are by We Buy Your Kids, an Australian design studio with works as cool as their company’s name. Their posters feature simple retro styled imagery, bold kinetic text and a psychedelic edge that harkens back to the days of Yellow Submarine rides and tuning in, turning on and dropping out. And the best [...]

The Largest Car Loop the Loop in the World

(Video Link) Kids, keep practicing with your skateboard and the plywood ramp that you made. Someday, you could top this accomplishment by Li Yatao. Last September, he defied gravity by driving a Lotus in a circular loop forty-two feet across. In doing so, Yatao set a new Guinness World Record. Link -via DVICE

Some Good Advice For Mrs. Clark

Kids have a knack for cutting through the BS and telling it like it is, especially when it comes to handing out advice. The brilliant 6 year old that wrote up this note for Mrs. Clark has some really sound advice about a shortcut to feeling better-just go poop! This is good advice for us all, [...]

Skullball Machine

Are you redecorating a nursery? If so, I’ve got a great idea for it! Kids love gumball machines. And skulls. Artist Marco Perego combined the two for an exhibit at the Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich, Switzerland. Link -via @itscolossal | Museum Website

Hacked Rotary Phone Accesses Siri

(Video Link) Kids these days with their telephones and their artificial intelligences…they’re just plain spoiled. Why, in my day, when we wanted to communicate with our personal digital assistants, we had to use the telegraph. And it worked just fine. Now they can just use their high-tech phones to talk to Siri. No doubt it’ll lead [...]

Portal-Themed Bedroom

Kids today no longer have to make do with princess or cowboy-themed bedrooms. At least not these kids – check out this Portal-themed room over at Unreality Magazine: Link – Thanks Nat Berman!

10 Disturbing Ads Featuring Kids

If you want to make an attention-grabbing ad, you have to do something really outrageous these days. That being said, these 10 ads on Oddee -all featuring kids- are utterly disturbing. Link

Kids React to Captain America Trailer

Kids say the darnedest things, especially when you show them a movie trailer for one of the biggest films of the summer. Captain America may have the heart of the nation, but what about the kids? See the cute reactions in the video at the link. Link