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Fan Film – Indiana Jones And The Jungle Spider

(YouTube Link) A very young fan of Indiana Jones asked his father to help him make this adorable fan film, in which young Logan plays Doctor Jones of course. Watch as he searches for the elusive Tiki looking ceramic thingy missing from his collection, all the while trying to avoid being bitten by a rather nasty looking [...]

Teletype Printer Adapted to Send and Receive Text Messages

Kids these days, what with their “Internets” and doing the Twitters and whatnot. Why, you can send perfectly good long-distance messages with a teletype machine! That’s what a fellow named Mdziewie did. He rigged a 1963 model teletype printer to accept and transmit text messages. The site is in Polish, but Google Translate will give [...]

Group Rope Jumping

Photo by Russos No, not Double-Dutch, and not quite Bungee jumping. The kids these days and their fads- EnglishRussia has an interesting series of pictures of the group rope-jumping craze sweeping the country. As illustrated above, a group simultaneously jumps from a bridge (as a train bears down on them), clinging to ropes that swing them up [...]