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Penpal: An Original Horror Story

Good horror stories are hard to come by, often we are left with over dramatized clichés like The Happening, The Wicker Man, or The Mist. I have unfortunately seen all of those terrible terrible films, The Mist being especially bad. If you have seen The Mist then you know what I am talking about [...]

I Have Your Heart

I have always loved stop-motion films ever since I watched Wallace & Gromit as a kid. If you feel the same way then you very well might like this new collaborative effort by Molly Crabapple, Kim Boekbinder, and Jim Batt titled I Have Your Heart. Along with having great names, the trio collectively are an [...]

The StumbleUpon for KickStarter

KickStarter is a cool site, but with so many new projects being added all the time, it can be hard to find something you’re actually interested in. Fortunately, now there’s KickStumbler, which combines the functionality of StumbleUpon with the fundraising site, recommending new projects based on those you’ve already expressed interest in. Obviously, it won’t [...]

Kickstopper A New Way To Stop Terrible Projects

Kickstarter might be great for starting new projects, but I certainly support the idea of Kickstopper. Personally, I’d be happy to donate my support to stopping the new Akira movie. Link Via The Mary Sue

New York, Phew York: A Scratch-n-Sniff Adventure

Illustration by Tim Probert At first thought, a scratch ‘n’ sniff book with the smells of New York may not seem like the best idea. But Amber C. Jones has captured the good and bad aromas wafting through the city in her first book New York, Phew York: a Scratch-n-Sniff Adventure. Scents include Pizza, bagels, grass, [...]

Video Spy Glasses Raise Over 300K on Kickstarter

If you’re like me then you always wanted your own pair of covert spy glasses just like in a James Bond movie. Apparently a lot of people out there do as well because one company was able to raise over three hundred thousand dollars on to create glasses that record video from the perspective [...] wants to help you read more/less

If you’re like me, _flossers, you spend a lot of time online wishing you had more time to read longer pieces, or, alternately, that there was less to read. Well, there’s never going to be less to read, only more. So how to solve the problem? Well, an up-and-coming Web site wants to hep you with [...]

Ray Villafane’s Carved Pumpkins

Ray Villafane’s funny and spooky carved pumpkins are wondrous sights to behold. Make interviewed him about his background and what’s involved in this craft. When asked about the tools that he uses, Villafane wrote: 99% of the carvings I do are done with various-sized ribbon loop tools. These are standard tools for clay potters and sculptors. [...]

Andrew Huang’s Incredible Short Films

My friend Andy was one of the most brilliant visual thinkers I knew in film school, and since graduation a few years ago he’s been doing us all proud by making incredible short films and music videos that defy categorization. I wanted to share a few of my favorites here with you. If you’re a [...]

Too Young to Die: Photojournalism at its Best and Grimmest

I’ve really been enjoying myself over on Kickstarter, a social networking site that helps fund and follow independent creative projects. In an era where there might not be government funding for public radio, let alone small-scale photography, film, or literary projects, it’s up to us — the crowd as patron. You can give as little [...]