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Steampunk Arm Guard With Bluetooth And Touchpad

Steampunk accessories are usually really cool to look at but aren’t functional, so Etsy seller BruteForceStudios decided to up the ante and create a wearable work of art that also serves a purpose. Enter the arm guard of the old-fashioned future, which boasts an impressive array of features: The keyboard features:– 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, [...]

Beer Keyboard

44 cans of beer on the keyboard, 44 cans of beer … We bloggers know that we shouldn’t drink and blog, but this new keyboard from Robofun Create sure makes it hard! Behold, the Beer Keyboard, which is built with cans [...]

Why the First Laptop Didn’t Catch On

In 1979, designer Bill Moggridge built the first laptop computer. In 1982, it was introduced to the public as the GRiD Compass. It was heavy, and expensive, but the real reason businessmen didn’t want it was something most computer users wouldn’t guess today. It was the keyboard.  At that time, 1982, business people, who were in [...]

Could This Be The New Keyboard Cat?

(YouTube Link) No, this is definitely not the next keyboard cat, but Pancake could be part of KC’s band, like in the kitteh keyboard band of my dreams! In Pancake’s Meowsic Video, we see this tie clad little kitteh getting into some seriously heavy grooves, channeling Thelonius Monk on a kitteh shaped keyboard. It’s a meowsical [...]


From the idle fertile minds behind Geeks Are Sexy comes a new site that focuses on the world of IT professionals and the funny stuff they encounter in their work. FailDesk has, of course, those clueless co-workers, resourceful workarounds, and clients that will surprise you. I had a very nice lady call me completely in tears [...]

5 Questions: What the Del?

Yes, it’s more than just a useful key on your keyboard. Today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: What the Del?

The Seven Deadly Keys

The seven deadly sins, as illustrated by the keys on your keyboard. And why not? Many of us live our lives through a keyboard! By Christiann MacAuley at Sticky Comics. Link -via The Daily

QWOP: The Movie

(YouTube link) The most ridiculous (and most difficult) online game in the world, QWOP, requires you to control a runner’s legs with your keyboard. Now, for some reason, it has been made into a live-action story. -via The High Definite P.S. While preparing this post, I found that it is possible to actually win the game! Link

Forget Your Password: Typing Rhythm and Computer Security

Patricia Loring, a research associate at Carnegie Mellon University, presses tiny blue dots on my fingers and the back of my hand. She tells me to adjust the keyboard as she maneuvers three webcams. On a monitor, I see a split screen, displaying images of my hands and posture (which is terrible). The blue stickers [...]


You spend hours with it each day. Your fingertips know it intimately. But how familiar are you with your keyboard’s history? When was the typewriter invented? The first recorded patent for a typewriting machine was filed by a British engineer, Henry Mill, in 1714. It seems that Mr. Mill was more of a thinker than a doer, [...]