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The Missing Links: Building a Helicopter Out of Trash

The Original Sin City Las Vegas from way before the Strip. (While these pictures are fine, other parts of this site may be NSFW.) * Parachuting Off the Eiffel Tower Has Always Been A Bad Idea It is today. And it definitely was in 1912. * The Game of Kings. Slimy, Cheating Kings. Apparently, cheating at chess is [...]

We’re All Down to Four Degrees of Separation, Thanks to Facebook

You are now that much closer to Kevin Bacon. A recent study showed that Facebook has reduced the "Six Degrees of Separation" – the distance between you and any other [...]

The Rock Band Family Tree

It’s hard to believe but some musicians out there are in more bands than Jack White. has created a unique web site to “map the Rock and Roll Genome.” It’s like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with Slash and Dave Grohl. Bands have a tendency to share band members from time to time [...]

Kevin Bacon as Kevin Bacon’s Greatest Fan

(Video Link) In this commercial for the Logitech Revue, Kevin Bacon plays his own most obsessed fan. The best part is when he does an impression of himself doing an impression of himself. via Urlesque

Bacon Kevin Bacon Statue

Kevin Bacon sculpture made out of bacon J&D Foods, a US company specialising in bacon products, has commissioned an artist to create a life-sized bust of actor Kevin Bacon out of bacon.The piece — which took three months to make — is called Bacon Kevin Bacon and comprises of a Styrofoam core covered in dried [...]

Bacon Kevin Bacon

Artist Mike Lahue worked with a medium we relate to when he created a bust of actor Kevin Bacon made out of …bacon! A Seattle company that makes bacon products, J & D Foods, commissioned the sculpture. Since owners Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow live by the motto “everything is better with bacon,” the duo — [...]

A Belated Goodbye to Guiding Light

Last Friday marked the end of an era—a very long era—with the final episode of the world’s longest running soap opera and continuous story, Guiding Light. The CBS show closed after 72 years and 15,762 episodes, garnering 39 Daytime Emmys for the show itself and 30 more for the actors and actresses. Plus it launched [...]