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Cthulhu Wedding Cake

What better time to show off this Cthulhu wedding cake than on author H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday! It was made by Kerry’s Custom Cakes of South Park, Pennsylvania, for redditor lakshmispet’s wedding. See more photos of it in the baker’s Facebook gallery. Link -via Rue The Day Previously: two other Cthulhucakes.

Whatever Happened to the Magnificent Seven?

Whatever happened to the gold medal-winning 1996 US Gymnastics Team? If you were around then, you surely remember the dramatic moment when little Kerry Strug injured her ankle, yet managed a second vault to make sure the talented U.S. gymnastics team won a gold medal in Atlanta. Those young ladies are now in their 30s, [...]

Girl eats diet of sponges and soap

Kerry Trebilcock likes nothing better than tucking in to a washing up sponge with hot sauce or mustard. Kerry suffers from a rare eating disorder know…

Hypnotizing Comic Book Cover GIFs

In this latest batch of animated comic book cover GIFs by Kerry Callen- Nick Fury uses some hypnotic effects to daze evil-doers, and Lois Lane shares some sugar with the boys from the Justice League, while Superman’s off fighting crime and posing for promo posters. Grab these and spruce up your desktop, or attach them to [...]

Animated Comic Covers

Illustrator Kerry Callen has put together some wonderful gifs of classic comic book covers. My only problem with her post is that there are only four! More! More! More, Kerry! Justice League of America #6 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 Amazing Spider-Man #33 Iron Man #128

Classic Comic Book Covers Animated

Tony Stark’s life spun out of the control in the classic nine-issue Iron Man series “Demon in a Bottle.” It’s all the more striking with this cover image animated by cartoonist Kerry Callen. You can see three other animated covers at the link featuring the JLA, Batman, and Spider-Man. Link -via The Uniblog

Jewelry Made from Human Hair

Kerry Howley, an art student at Middlesex University, put together a jewelry collection made from human hair. In reference to how people think about hair, she’s entitled it “Attraction/Aversion”. Howley writes: The necklaces are made of human hair, a material we are familiar with and take pride in. However once off of the body it becomes [...]

Stuff You Did as a Baby (That You Still Do Today)

Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else’s reply, whatever you want. On to this week’s topics of discussion… 1. You can answer this one about yourself or, if you’ve reproduced, your kid(s). Is there a personality trait or hobby [...]

Dietribes: The Fortune Cookie

• Fortune cookies were introduced by a Japanese (not Chinese!) immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara, who ran a tea room in San Francisco. He would serve sayings and thoughtful phrases with his tea. Since the idea wasn’t trademarked, Chinese restaurants later started using the idea as a filler for their small dessert menus, and the phenomenon spread [...]

The Art of Falling

Photographer Kerry Skarbakka explores the falling human body in a set called The Struggle to Right Oneself. You’ll look at these and ask, “How did he do that? And how bad was he hurt?” Using myself as model and with the aid of climbing gear and other rigging, I photograph the body as it dangles from [...]