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Absolutely Hilarious Signs, Part 14

“QUANTUM SHOT” #699Link – by Avi Abrams When asking for directions, be prepared to fall off the edge of the Universe These are confusing, weird, bizarre signs and instructions, that are likely to deliver you to Vogons, who will gladly recite to you a poem, or two… Well, regardless, this is all the more material for our [...]

Basket Boat

Photo: Sivaram V/Reuters MSNBC’s PhotoBlog has this intriguing photo by Sivaram V of Reuters of a family floating down the Periyar River in Kerala, India, in a home-made basket boat. Reminds me of the woven bamboo basekt boats of Vietnam: Link – via Cherry Coloured

Dentists Repair Elephant’s Tusk

A 27-year-old elephant named Devidasan developed a painful 19-inch crack in his tusk over the past five years. CV Pradeep, a dentist in Kerala, India, did some research and decided to fill the crack with the same resin used to repair human teeth. The difference: repairing the tusk took 47 tubes of resin in a [...]

The Search for an Indian Santa

One of my favorite scenes from John Green’s wonderful novel Paper Towns is when the character Radar doesn’t want to invite a girl over to his house because he’s embarrassed by his parents. More specifically, he’s embarrassed by their enormous collection of Black Santa figurines, with Black Santas crammed onto every windowsill and bookshelf in [...]

The Triangle: Jaw-Dropping Juggling

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. The Triangle: Jaw-Dropping Juggling This mesmerizing performance by Michael Moschen demonstrates his amazing dexterity and fluid, almost magical movements. You may have also seen Michael juggling crystal balls in the “Labyrinth” movie (with David Bowie). url Today’s pictures & links: Now in Black and White The famous Snow White MacBook cover – click here [...]

8 Weird Weather Phenomena

We live in a very bizarre world with all kinds of forces playing against each other. Between electricity, wind, atmospheric pressure and plasmas, there are some very specific combinations that, when paired together just right, can create incredibly strange phenomena. Here are a few examples of what nature is capable of – many of these [...]