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Did apes evolve from humans ?

An anthropologist has claimed that humans didn’t evolve from apes – instead apes evolved from humans. This conclusion was reached by Kent State Univer…

The Quick 10: The Unbelievable Early Jobs of 10 Successful People

As the saying goes, “Everybody’s gotta start somewhere,” but during these trying times, many people are simply looking to start. It’s comforting, then, to hear about the unusual first jobs of people who went on to bigger and better and more lucrative things. 1. Michael Dell The founder and CEO of Dell Computers began working at the [...]

Rebecca Black’s "Friday" as Radical Text

(Video Link) If you think that 13-year old Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is an insipid, bubblegum pop expression of the teenage mind, you’d be wrong. Dana Vachon argues that it’s actually a complex rebuttal to the artificiality of modern life: Her cultural debt is less to Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles than Evie Vicki the robot girl [...]

Ambam the Upright Walking Gorilla

YouTube Link Ambam the gorilla stands upright and walks like a man. Ambam is a 21-year-old silverback male gorilla. He lives at Kent animal park in Britain. You may have already seen this handsome fellow as he has quickly become an internet sensation.

Gorilla that walks like a man filmed at zoo

Ambam the gorilla has become an internet sensation after being filmed walking like a human. A resident of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent Ambam’s…

Our Readers’ Favorite Bookstore Cats (Volume Two)

It doesn’t take of lot of hard work for a cat to become famous: 1. get a job at a place where people gather, 2. have someone upload your photo to the internet, and 3. eventually, someone will request that you be featured at mental_floss! Here are more of our reader’s favorite bookstore cats. 1. Raffles Beers [...]

This is My PVC Instrument

Inspired by Blue Man Group, “Snubby J” created a “PVC Instrument” and performs a medley of songs at the Del Ray South Talent Show. Stick around at least for the Super Mario Bros theme. Okay, actually stick around at least until “Like a Virgin,” and there is a surprise if you stay tuned through the [...]

The Not-so-ancient History of 10 Thanksgiving Dishes

On Thanksgiving, more than any other day of the year, Americans sit down and eat the same meal as their neighbors and countrymen. It’s tradition, after all! But we know our history: most of the Thanksgiving dishes we enjoy today weren’t at the original Pilgrims’ feast in 1621, or at least not in the way [...]

Armless & Legless Man Swims 22 Miles

A Frenchman who lost all his arms and legs in a freak accident is preparing to swim cross the English Channel.Philippe Croizon will instantly earn himself a place in the record books if his 22 miles crossing from Folkestone, Kent, to Cap-Gris-Nez, near Calais, is successful.He has flippers connected to his specially designed swimsuit and [...]

World custard pie championship

Fifty competitors have been clowning about in the 43rd world custard pie championships in Kent.Teams at the event, in the village of Coxheath near Maidstone, were given maximum points for throwing a pie squarely into their opponents’ faces.Judges also awarded up to five points for the most original and amusing throwing techniques.This year’s champions were [...]