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(YouTube link) Watch the video to see Sugru display its potential to hack everyday items (and make fine art sculptures using toasters too.) The company website has some interesting suggestions for using the claylike substance, such as attaching an umbrella to the side of a lawn chair. Link -via Design Sponge | See it used to make [...]

TIE Fighter Piñata

Etsy seller Outofthisworldpinata makes rather creative piñatas, including this TIE fighter. There’s also a Kenny from South Park, which you can whack before saying the appropriate line. Link -via Technabob

50 UV Filters Mounted on a Camera

Kenny at was cleaning a bunch of UV filters and, for idle amusement, decided to mount them on a camera. Pictured above is a stack of 50. Then he and his co-worker Roger went out and took pictures. Below is one of them, paired with a shot without any filters. Link -via Technabob

9 Things to Remember About Bobcat Goldthwait

“You can’t really pick how you’re going to be remembered,” Bobcat Goldthwait said on last month’s WTF with Marc Maron podcast. “I could cure AIDS, and my obit photo is gonna be me in a uniform going WAAAAAHH!” So what should we remember about the comedian, director, voice artist and Police Academy star? Let’s take a [...]

Kryptonite Candy Glows under Ultraviolet Light

Instructables user Britt Michelsen has lately been experimenting with fluorescent materials, including riboflavin. She decided to use it to make a food that looks like kryptonite. Michelsen made a mold out of aluminum foil, cooked riboflavin into sugar, and poured it into the mold. The result was a glowing candy that looked quite like the [...]

Pixelated Trash Can

We’ve previously featured Instructables user BrittLiv’s “You Killed Kenny!” doorstop. She’s back with a new project. This time, it’s a pixelated trash can. No, that’s not a computer generated image. It’s a wooden trashcan carved and painted to look like an image from a video game. Link via Technabob

Miniature Big Rigs

A Nashville-based company called Lil Big Rig converts Ford F-250 pickup trucks into scaled-down semi-trailer trucks: For $13,000, Lil Big Rig can convert your 1980s-1990s two-wheel-drive Ford F-250, long-bed full-size Chevrolet pickup (1973-1987 model years in either 4X4 or 4X2) or 1994-2003 Dodge Ram standard cab pickup (either 4X4 or 4X2). Lil Big Rig replaces the [...]

Quadruplets Accepted at Yale

High school seniors Kenny, Martina, Ray, and Carol Crouch, quadruplets from Danbury, Connecticut were all ecstatic when they found that all four were accepted into Yale University. The Crouches’ perfect batting average represents a first for Yale — the first time in anyone’s memory that it has offered admission to quadruplets. It is also, of course, [...]

5 Country Stars Who Got Fried in the Food Business

By Bill DeMain 1. Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken In 1967, Nashville attorney John Jay Hooker convinced Grand Ole Opry comedienne Minnie Pearl that she could sell more drumsticks than Colonel Sanders. After all, Minnie Pearl seemed like the sort of lady who’d have a good family recipe for fried chicken. Unfortunately, she didn’t. But that didn’t stop [...]

10 Neat Facts About SpongeBob SquarePants

Are ya ready kids? Aye, aye captain! I can’t heeeeaaaar yoooouuu! AYE, AYE CAPTAIN! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Square Pants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he. Sponge Bob Square Pants! If nautical nonsense be somethin’ ya wish. … then read on ahead for Neatorama’s 10 Neat Facts About SpongeBob SquarePants! 1. We can thank Jacques Costeau for the [...]