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Is Mexico An Inherently Racist Society?

In 1940, psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark performed the groundbreaking "doll experiments" study on children’s attitudes on race using white and black dolls (the study was repeated in 2005 and documented by Kiri [...]

The Quick 10: Babies on the Brain

Because my husband and I are expecting our first little _flosser, you might say I’ve had babies on the brain lately. While every other pregnant woman in the world is poring over What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I’m absorbing tons of useless trivia that probably isn’t going to serve me very well in the [...]

10 Other SNL F-Bombs

In her debut performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, comedian Jenny Slate became a member of a surprisingly exclusive club: people who have dropped the infamous “F-Bomb” on the show (here’s the clip, which obviously contains strong language). Here’s a quick list of 10 other slips of the tongue that have occurred during the [...]

unluckiest wedding couple

Kenneth and Karen Porter could be Britain’s unluckiest bride and groom – almost every company involved in their wedding celebration went bust before their big day. Kenneth and Karen Porter unluckiest wedding couple The couple, from Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, suffered a string of disappointments as an airline, hotel and dressmakers, which they had booked with, went [...]