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Wander Through Kennedy Space Center Using Google Street View

Google Street View is handy for finding places you’re driving to — but Google has been putting together a series of special “Street View” tours of places that aren’t out on the street. Like Kennedy Space Center. By following that link, you can see a bunch of places where Google brought its Street [...]

Final space shuttle mission draws to a close

The space shuttle Atlantis has successfully touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The crew of four aboard Atlantis lead by Commander Ch…

Talk Live With Astronauts

This Friday at 3:47 PM (EST) the Space Shuttle Endeavour will take off from Kennedy Space Center on its last flight ever. And, unless current plans change, it will also be the second to last Space Shuttle flight ever (The final flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is scheduled for June 28 of this year, [...]

NASA and Etsy’s Space Craft Contest

NASA and Etsy recently held a contest to send selected items of artwork into space. Although voting was supposed to close on Nov. 19, the polls appear to remain open. The grand prize winner gets $500 to spend in Etsy shops and a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to witness a space shuttle launch. Pictured [...]