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Star Wars Villains and Bunnies

Kelly Kerrigan paints whimsical images inspired by pop culture, including a series of Star Wars characters holding their pet bunny rabbits. She makes these images in memory of her late husband, a man who loved rabbits. Link -via The Mary Sue

Barbie’s Abandoned Family Members

There’s Francie, Jazzy, Stacie, Kelly, Krissy, Tutti, and Todd, who all disappeared under mysterious circumstances (or possibly just poor sales). Now that Barbie is running for president, these missing relatives may prove to be skeletons in her closet. Link

Wicked Witch of the East Cupcake

This simple but clever cupcake made me giggle. Kelly’s overturned cupcake crushed the Wicked Witch of the East, just as Dorothy’s house did in The Wizard of Oz. Link -via Super Punch | Baker’s Website

The Late Movies: Saved by the Bell’s Musical Numbers

I love Saved by the Bell more than is probably reasonable for a grown woman. (Need evidence? Click here and here.) One of my favorite things about the show was always its impromptu and unexplained musical numbers. Here are six moments when the gang from Bayside song burst into song. Hot Fudge Sundaes In perhaps the most [...]

Thelma & Louise Poster by Kelly Thorn

Kelly Thorn’s Rolling Road Show poster of Thelma & Louise is so good it’s practically criminal! The stylized road typography contains iconic moments from the movie and really makes me want to go on [...]

7 Groundbreaking Specialty Acts

Imagine that you had one very specific talent -something unusual, that people would normally never encounter in their everyday lives. Could you make a living doing it? Maybe, if you were willing to put the necessary time, effort, and imagination into your act. After all, if Joseph Pujol could make a living by farting, anything [...]

Fairy Tales Retold With Balloons

I love these fairy tale recreations by artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle of Kelly would use Photoshop to alter the images to look more 2D and Larry did the actual bending and twisting of the balloons. See more over at Environmental Graffiti. Link

Kelly Lamb’s Skull Chandelier

Artist/Designer Kelly Lamb’s hanging light fixture is creepily elegant. It appears to be made of tiny lightbulbs hung from the ceiling on filaments and arranged in the shape of a human skull although there are no details provided at the artist’s site. This skeletal lighting would fit well with a goth interior. Link – Via Notcot

Famous Movie Scenes Recreated With Easter Eggs

Kelly Lee Barrett, Kaycee Krieg, Jeff Wysaski, and Car Nazzal collaborated to recreate famous movie scenes using Easter eggs! This one is, of course, from the movie Say Anything. Check out Jaws, Kill Bill, and others at Pleated Jeans. Link

Enormous Sand Mural Marriage Proposal

Early in their relationship, Kelly Riplinger and Jason Fordley encountered Andres Amador at work on a beach in San Francisco. It was a special memory for both of them, so when it was time for Jason to propose to Kelly, he commissioned Amador to create a mural doing just that: Three years later, Jason tracked down [...]