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Hobbit Hole Nails

It was a hobbit-nail, and that means comfort. But perhaps some difficulty typing. Nail art maestro Kayleigh O’Connor added Bag End to her thumb along with some pleasant greenery from the Shire. She writes: I’ve never tried anything on this scale before. It’s a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole. It’s about [...]

Scooby-Doo Nails

Nail artist Kayleigh O’Connor is a continuoussourceof amusement to us here at Neatorama. Ruh-roh! It looks like the Mystery Gang has to expose four frauds at work. O’Connor posted these a week ago. She’d probably still have them if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Gallery -via The Mary Sue

Eye of Sauron Nail

deviantARTist KayleighOC (Kayleigh O’Connor), who created the Batman Na na na na nails, is back. This time, she sports the Eye of Sauron nail: Link – via [...]