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Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Part Two

(YouTube link) ASAPScience crammed as many amazing facts into one presentation as they could to blow your mind. There’s something in here that will! -via Holy Kaw! See also:Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Part One

Vi Hart Makes Paper Snowflakes

(YouTube link) My 15-year-old daughter is hosting an informal New Year’s Eve party tonight, and she has the house festooned with paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling already. Frenetic math artist Vi Hart has some wonderfully weird techniques that will ensure more snowflakes will be joining them. -via Holy Kaw! 

The 12 Memes of Christmas!

(YouTube link) Mashable brings us an internet carol, featuring lots of internet memes and appearances by some original meme characters, such as Scumbag Steve, Chuck Testa, and Tardar Sauce. See the entire list of participants at the YouTube page. -via Holy Kaw!

Robotic Labor Statistics

By 2012, the number of robots worldwide could equal the number of people in the state of Illinois. The linked infograph has a list of statistics on how robots are taking over the workforce (on their way to taking over the world.) Link -via Holy Kaw

Mmmm, Zombie Truffles

Is your sweetheart a zombie? These delicious truffle brains are the perfect gift for Zombie Awareness Month which, in case you’d forgotten, just happens to be May! Once you’ve found a tiny brain mold you’re ready to create your own. Full instructions, including how to make blood, can be found at the link below. Link – [...]

Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa Ever Fall?

Construction on the tower began in 1173 and it started listing soon after as it settled on soft soil. Over the centuries labourers and engineers tried to compensate for the lean but none of the measures succeeded . In 1990 the tower was closed to the public when a similarly constructed tower in Pavia collapsed. [...]

How to Make Peepshi

Peepshi is a snack that looks like sushi but tastes like Peeps, because it is made from Peeps and Rice Krispies. Peepshi is actually an art project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Learn how at Serious Eats. Link -via Holy Kaw!

Typographical Map of San Francisco

This is pretty nifty: Axis Maps produces street maps of San Francisco, Downtown Chicago and Boston (New York is next) that accurately depict streets and highways, as well as parks and neighborhoods using only typography. Take a look: Link – via Holy Kaw

Hummingbirds Up Close And Personal

This brightly coloured wearable hummingbird feeder attracts the tiny creatures and provides a bird’s eye view of them as they dine. The feeder is available for purchase here. Link – Via Holy Kaw

Real Life Pac-Man Discovered

Deviant Art member Kalapusa, who gave us the Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant Sculpture, has created a “realistic” yet very alien version of Pac-Man. See more pictures at Geekologie. Link -via Holy Kaw!