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English and Chinese Dyslexia Are Very Different

Katherine Harmon writes in Scientific American that a new published study reveals substantial differences between how dyslexia impacts English and Chinese-language readers: English speakers who have developmental dyslexia usually don’t have trouble recognizing letters visually, but rather just have a hard time connecting them to their sounds. What about languages based on full-word characters rather than [...]

A ‘Vaccine’ for Cocaine

Katherine Harmon writes in Scientific American that pharmacology researchers are developing a drug that could diminish the pleasurable effects of cocaine. Taking the drug might help addicts detoxify with greater success: The vaccine itself does not destroy cocaine molecules, rather it induces antibodies that bind to it, making the opiate lose its ability to pass through [...]

Blind Woman Can See Again After a Tooth Is Implanted in Her Eye

Katherine Harmon writes in Scientific American that a Mississippi woman blind for the past nine years can see 20/70 after one of her own teeth was surgically implanted in one of her eyes: To begin the months-long process, doctors removed one of Thornton’s canine teeth—aka an eyetooth—along with part of the jaw and cut it all [...]