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Weaving Your Way Into Space

Mini-eco’s Kate is quite the paper knitter. After all, not everyone could make an adorable invader this wonderfully. Of course, if you want to do the same, you can learn how on her website. As for potential uses for these cute little works, she suggests using them as gift toppers in place of bows -something [...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Should Get an Editor’s Credit on the Titanic Re-Release

Seeing a popular motion picture reappear in theaters years after its initial release is not a new thing. However, as technical advances continue to speed exponentially forward, a film’s re-issue gives a filmmaker the opportunity to make strategic changes to the content of the film – alter digital effects, add new scenes, swap out one [...]

Fiber Artwork by Kate Kretz

In the comment of our last human hair embroidery post, Neatoramanaut Louisa alerted us to the fantastic series of "fiber-based" artwork by Kate Kretz. Ebb, the hair embroidery of the sleeping eyes above, is [...]

Nuts & Bolts: The Skinny on Your Favorite Cocktail Treats

PECANS The All-American Nut (Image credit: Flickr user Mevrouw Cupcake) With more than 80% of the world’s output produced in the United States, pecans have been an American favorite since the days of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (both of whom grew them in their gardens). The nuts even helped fight communism during the Space Race! Apollo [...]

Princess Diana and Catherine Middleton Go For a Stroll

Photo Link OK, so Di and Kate don’t really get to hang out, but the cover of Newsweek imagines what it would be like if they did as part of their cover story on what Princess Diana would be like at the age of 50. That not only includes a composite graphic of her hanging out [...]

Want $10k to Live in a Museum for a Month?

Photo link If you loved From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler as a kid, you’re probably going to be applying for this position before you even finish reading the post. For the second time, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is inviting one lucky person to be a 24/7 guest at the museum [...]

A Happy Ending For Yurt

Kevin McClain loved his dog, Yurt, a sheltie-collie cross. When paramedics found him unconscious in his car in a Walmart parking where he’d been living he was very ill with lung cancer but Yurt was healthy, well-fed and groomed. McClain was taken to hospital and Yurt went to an animal shelter. McClain had raised Yurt from [...]

The Quick 10: The 10 Best Characters You’ve Never Seen

Sometimes the characters we don’t see end up having the most impact… and sometimes they’re just a good running joke for a sitcom. Check out these 10 characters from film, television and literature who were often referenced but never seen. 1. Godot from Waiting for Godot. In Samuel Beckett’s classic, two men spend two days (wait [...]

Moose Hat

Moose Hat – $16.95 Wedding bells have rung for Will and Kate, but that doesn’t mean the hat craze has to end. Head on over to the NeatoShop and get yourself a fantastic Moose Hat. The Moose Hat is no where near as fabulous as Princess Beatrice’s hat, but it is still pretty darn cool! Be sure [...]

Kate Middleton for the Win

I’m not particularly enamored of the Royal Wedding, but with the press reaching a fever pitch this week, it’s hard not to get caught up in it a little bit. “Kate Middleton for the Win” is a tongue-in-cheek Tumblr about Kate’s poshness and how she’s maybe just a little bit smug about the fact that [...]