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“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. For everything else, there’s MarxCard”

German bank Sparkasse Chemnitz held an online vote to let people choose amongst 10 different images for its new credit card, and Karl Marx (oh, the irony!) won. The Interweb, of course, demands a tagline [...]

Karl Marx’s Epic Beard Made Even More Epic!

Yes, that’s a giant steel wool sculpture of Karl Marx’s epic beard by Ukrainian artist Nataliya Slinko for your bourgeois viewing pleasure. Via Eyeteeth

LibriVox: 1000s of Free, Crowdsourced Audiobooks

Public domain books have been around for a long time, but until efforts like Project Gutenberg came along, getting your hands on them was no different than any other book: you’d have to check it out from the library or buy it at a bookstore. After Gutenberg and Google Books, they were free and plentiful, [...]

7 Tiny Books That Packed a Big Punch

by Michael Ridgeway At 1,456 pages, War and Peace makes a big impression … and a great doorstop. But books don’t have to weigh a lot to be heavy hitters. Here are seven tiny tomes—all fewer than 100 pages—that sparked revolutions. 1. Common Sense by Thomas Paine (52 pages) In the 1770s, American colonists were riding the [...]

Das Kapital Money Bank

Das Kapital Money Bank – $19.95 + s/h This one will make Karl Marx spin in his grave (you may be surprised to find where the father of communism was buried. No, not the Soviet Union. Karl Marx was buried in London.) Behold the Das Kapital Money Bank – a secret storage case shaped like his Das [...]

Rodin’s Hands: Anna Golubkina

With the introduction of the “Feel Art Again” Facebook page, we held a contest to find our farthest fan. Reader Kelly Deaton in Russia easily beat the competition, winning a week of “Feel Art Again” posts on Russian artists. The last of our series of Russian artists is Anna Golubkina (1864-1927), who is considered the first [...]