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Beer Advent Calendar

If you were intrigued by the Whiskey Advent Calendar but thought it too pricy, here’s a project you’ll love. Instructables member mikeasaurus designed an advent calendar that dispenses a different beer every day! He made it as a gift for a friend. The cover is printed, so you can customize it as you wish, or [...]

The Late Movies: M-O-U-S-E! The Original Mickey Mouse Club

On this day in 1923, Walt and Roy Disney founded The Walt Disney Company. How far that little company has come! Dozens of films, characters and shows later—plus a theme park or two—the Walt Disney Company is one of the most easily recognizable institutions in the world. Whenever I think of Disney, I immediately [...]

Lectures for a New Year: A Brain Scientist Studies Her Own Stroke

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist (or “brain scientist”) from Indiana. In 1996 she experienced a major stroke, out of the blue, at age 37. As a scientist deeply involved with brain function, she was ideally situated to understand the stroke as it happened (as much as anyone can during a frickin’ [...]

Comical and Informative Wedding Program

Ian and Karen had a fabulously geeky wedding featuring comic book invitations, d20 cupcake toppers, Tetris centerpieces, swords, armor and kilts. It was officiated by the couple’s Dungeon Master dressed as the priest from The Princess Bride. One of the most creative bits was a wedding program written like a deadpan informative pamphlet. Read the [...]

19 Amazing Video Game Cakes

Serious gamers know just how time-consuming gaming is, often making it difficult to do anything besides working (only to buy more games) and playing the games themselves. Even so, gamers usually do still manage to have lives outside of the console; these cakes are some of the amazing creations that have been born as a [...]

The Quick 10: Babies on the Brain

Because my husband and I are expecting our first little _flosser, you might say I’ve had babies on the brain lately. While every other pregnant woman in the world is poring over What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I’m absorbing tons of useless trivia that probably isn’t going to serve me very well in the [...]

Coffee Creations Art Painting Karen Eland

Coffee Creations Art Painting by Karen Eland Karen Eland re-creates famous masterpieces with espresso coffee instead of paint. Reproducing everyone from Da Vinci to Van Gogh, skilled artist Karen, 36, from Bend, Oregon now makes a living with her coffee art Karen has been a creator since childhood, but a portrait class at age 14 unexpectedly propelled [...]

unluckiest wedding couple

Kenneth and Karen Porter could be Britain’s unluckiest bride and groom – almost every company involved in their wedding celebration went bust before their big day. Kenneth and Karen Porter unluckiest wedding couple The couple, from Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, suffered a string of disappointments as an airline, hotel and dressmakers, which they had booked with, went [...]