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The Mysterious Minaret of Jam

“QUANTUM SHOT” #709Link – article by Avi Abrams The 12-Century Wonder and Mystery of Afghanistan Built back in 1190s by the once great Ghorid empire, this enigmatic and intricately-ornamented ancient “skyscraper” stands like a missile pointing at the stars – a 65-meter high minaret, the second biggest religious monument of its kind in the world. Originally it [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrity Zoo Residents

With the recent popularity of the Bronx Zoo Cobra, I thought it was a good time to check out some other zoo animals that received celebrity status during their heydays. I don’t know if any of their Twitter feeds could have competed with the Cobra’s nearly quarter of a million followers, though! 1. Knut the polar [...]

Next Year’s Short Film Oscar Winner

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Afghanistan Sam, my buddy who’s been living in Kabul for the past several years. Back in 2008 he guest-blogged about how to buy, slaughter and spit-roast a sheep, and we saw a bit of his short film about a young woman who was embroiled in controversy (and death [...]

The Burqa Band

The world is filled with weird bands, but I dare say that Oddee has found 10 of the weirdest bands that music has ever seen. Take, for instance, the Burqa Band: The Burqa Band is an all-female indie rock band from Kabul, Afghanistan. They perform anonymously, all of the members wearing burqas in an apparent protest [...]

Held by the Taliban

Last year, while working on a book about Afghanistan and Pakistan, journalist David Rohde sought out a better understanding of the Taliban. But his attempt to interview a Taliban commander outside Kabul took a disastrous turn, and he was kidnapped and held captive—along with an Afghan journalist and driver—for over seven months. The New York Times [...]