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Austin’s Architect Of The Junk Cathedral

(Vimeo Link) A house full of junk may not seem like the ideal place to live, but Austin’s self-proclaimed Junk King Vince Hannemann feels right at home amongst the piles of rubble. He’s converted his home into an outsider artist’s paradise, with junk piled up in such thick layers that it’s virtually impossible to discern where it [...]

Junk DNA Actually Not Junk

You’d be surprised to learn that 98% of human DNA actually don’t encode for anything. Some bits and parts act as gene regulators and switches, but for the most part, they’re just there because they’re there. In 1972, [...]

A Little Box Of Treasures From Disneyland

Even though this may look like a box full of junk, Disney Imagineer Fritz would rather think of it as a case containing pleasant memories and important artifacts from his time working at Disneyland. Fritz has been sharing his little box of wonders with the world via his blog since 2010, and even though the items [...]

Sculptural Chairs Made Out Of Recycled Junk

These chair sculptures by artist Jay Sae Jung Oh are both fun to look at and functional, and would make for one impressive place to park your keister after a long day at the old sawmill. They are constructed out of trashy junk and refuse, which is assembled into an interesting shape then covered with a [...]

Recycled Tech Turned Into Works Of Art

Who wants to clutter up landfills with old junk tech when you can make cool art pieces out of it? The artists in this gallery have come up with some rather ingenious ways to recycle that old tech trash, from making surreal landscapes out of motherboards, a crashing wave of recycled records, and even a nine [...]

Switzerland to Build Janitor Satellites to Clean Up Space Junk

Space junk is everywhere, and it’s high time that someone takes charge to clean it up. And Switzerland is that someone: the country is building CleanSpace One, the first in a family of "janitor" [...]

Should Junk Food Be "Fat Taxed"?

The skinny: Everyone knows junk food–especially fast food–is bad for you. In recent years, restaurants and food manufacturers have been required to list nutritional information in more obvious and realistic ways (including labels for trans fat content and more conspicuous serving size info), but some say that public health regulations should go further, by imposing a “fat [...]

USPS Rescue Plan: More Junk Mail!

The US Postal Service is like a damsel in distress. Severe distress. The rise of email and the Great Recession, coupled with bad management and its high labor (and labor’s retirement) costs have caused the institution [...]

Snoballimus Prime

You expect junk food to have movie tie-ins, but this one goes the extra mile for silliness. Hostess has two new color schemes in their snack cake line for Transformers 3: the pictured Snoballimus, colored like Optimus Prime, and Chocwave, which resembles Shockwave (if the character was a cupcake). Link -via @johncfarrier

Celebrity Portraits Made from Their Own Trash

Through uncertain methods, San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecier convinces celebrities to donate personal trash to them. He turns the individual contributions into portraits of each celebrity: He uses junk and discarded items donated by top stars, so yes…that Trojan condom box in the top left corner of Tina Fey‘s portrait actually came from Tina herself. Mecier [...]