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UK housewife ‘raised by monkeys in jungle’

Marina Chapman spent five years of her childhood being raised in the jungle by a colony of monkeys. Marina had been abandoned in the jungles of Colomb…

Temple of the Night Sun

Photo: Edwin Román, Brown University Archaeologists have discovered a Maya temple, lost for 1,600 years, deep in the Guatemalan jungle. Read more about the Temple of the Night Sun over at National Geographic: Some 1,600 [...]

Hello Kitty Leopard Laptop Case

Hello Kitty Leopard Laptop Case – $49.95 Attention Hello Kitty fans! It’s a jungle out there. Make sure precious 13″ laptop is protected from the elements with the Hello Kitty Leopard Laptop Case from the NeatoShop. This wildly fabulous case is made of embossed shiny patent faux leather and has a soft fleece interior. Be sure to [...]

Agouti: The Robin Hood of Rodents

Photo: Christian Ziegler The cute cat-sized agouti above is much more than a lowly jungle creature. In fact, it is very much the Robin Hood of rodents. The furry bandit hides and buries black palm seeds, which it finds delicious. [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ewok: Jungles of Endor

(Video Link) She says the jungle… it just came alive and took him. You bet it did. There’s something out there, and it’s adorable. And it’s hunting us down one at a time. -via Nerd Bastards

The Quick 10: The Jungle Cruise

Welcome to part two of “my brain went on vacation three days ago even though my plane doesn’t leave until tomorrow.” (Here’s part one from yesterday). Today we’re visiting the Jungle Cruise. Everyone turn around and wave good-bye to the folks back on the dock… They may never see you again. But then again, you [...]