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Daredevil survives cliff edge stunt disaster

Base jumper Richard Henriksen was caught on camera when a daredevil stunt went horribly wrong. Henrikson’s latest stunt involving the use of gymnastic…

Help Cold Chickens Cover Up

The Little Hen Rescue is a chicken rescue group in Norfolk, England. Because many of their chicks are missing feathers and get cold in the winter months, the group uses jumpers to help keep the birds nice and warm. You can help by knitting an adorable jumper and sending it to the group or by [...]

3 People Who Talked Down Potential Jumpers

It’s not always a trained negotiator who talks a potential jumper off the ledge. Sometimes it’s a shock jock, a rapper, or a hotel maid. 1. Howard Stern Keeps Caller On the Line, On the Bridge Howard Stern gets odd phone calls every day, but on the morning of December 7, 1994, he got a real [...]