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Guess the Special Purpose of This Gun

This rare handgun was made to function in an unusual environment. Can you guess what that is? Hit the jump for the answer. Underwater. According to my sources, the Soviet 4.5mm B-VI-307 was developed in the 1960s specifically for submerged use. The gun never made it into production. The one pictured above is at the Central [...]

What Happened To All Those Chargers Destroyed in Dukes of Hazzard?

CBS/Landov Over seven seasons, the General Lee went airborne more than 150 times. Although it seemed fine on screen, the General rarely survived a jump. Warner Brothers totaled an average of two Chargers per episode. By the time filming ended, an estimated 300 Chargers had starred as the General Lee. What happened to all those [...]

5 Questions: Checker Out

“King me! King me!” Jump to it with today’s 5 Question quiz: Checker Out

Thanksgiving Sale: 15% Off All Orders

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping this Thanksgiving weekend in the mental_floss store. We’ve got something for everyone: a Periodic Table Shower Curtain, The Mental Floss History of the World (now in paperback), the mental_floss board game or, for the baby on your list, a “My First Jackson Pollock” onesie—every spill is a [...]

The Diving Horses of Atlantic City

The diving horses performed at Atlantic City’s Steel Pier in the 1920s and 1930s. The horse would jump into a tank of water, typically with a young woman riding on its back. Some dove with their front legs straight out, while others tucked up their legs as if they were going over a jump. One horse [...]

Sumo Suit Athletics World Championships

The track and field events of 100 m dash, long jump, high jump, and shot put can get kind of boring after a while. But how should they be improved? How about with a sumo suit? The people behind the Sumo Suit Athletics World Championships (motto: “slower, lower, weaker!”) aim to liberate these events from elitist [...]