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Archive: September 2012

Fascinating Chemistry Photos Fantastic visuals at a point where science intersects art Awesome Vintage Calculators Highly desirable objects of technological genius “Flying Saucer” Soviet Architecture in Caucasus Truly “The House on the Borderland” Unintentional Faces in Objects, Part 2 There are some “things” in your house… Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest: Bordeaux, Washington Exploring Abandoned Places in the Land of Myst Up, Up and [...]

15 Suspicious Packages That Were Definitely Not Explosives

Getty Images Reports of suspicious packages are common across the United States. Police take all reports seriously — as they should — and they look into every unmanned briefcase or wayward box. More often than not, abandoned gym bags just wind up being lost gym bags. Here are 15 fairly recent suspicious package reports from alert [...]

Archive: August 2012

Most Dangerous Roads in the World, Part 7 Crazy Routes in Tibet and India Huge Airborne Aircraft Carriers Planes on top of planes… with more planes inside! Love, Romance and Tight Finances (Pics) “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers!” Awesome Vintage Ambulance Cars Chromed & streamlined legendary vehicles Olympic Flame Torches & Cauldrons: A Retrospective Large and exciting collection of designs Hilarious Sports Pics! Soccer and gymnastics [...]

Archive: July 2012

Land Speed Record Vehicles, Part 2: Jet Propulsion 1960s-1980s Most beautiful streamlined shapes in the Sixties (of course) Land Speed Record Vehicles, Part 1: The Pioneers The Thrilling Story Of The Land Speed Record and The Fastest Men On Earth The Fearsome Scale of Phobos …superimposed over a European city Suddenly… Giraffe! (Funny Pics) All the cute, and the crazy, of giraffe’s [...]

The Founding Avengers

Granted the 4th of July may be over, but as I mentioned in the last post, Comic Con is going strong, so it’s still a good time to share this delightful artwork spotted at the Trader Joe’s in San Rafael, CA. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

What Else Happened on the Fourth of July?

The adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 is the moment recognized as the birth of the United States, and is the reason why we celebrate the date as Independence Day. The fact that it is so well known as just July the Fourth is why we never move it to the [...]

Fourth It Up America!!

(YouTube Link) This little ditty is dedicated to America’s birthday, the fourth of freakin’ July! Let the funky sounds of patriotism wash over you as you enjoy the grillin’, swillin’ and chillin’ with your loved ones. Or maybe the interwebs is your loved one, in which case consider this video a great big old happy birthday hug! Happy Fourth [...]

American Flag Cake

Because man can’t live on barbecue alone, for this Fourth of July, may we present to you: the American Flag Cake by Jessie Oleson of Cakespy. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Link

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in July

Let’s hear it for the old red, white, and blue! In addition to another solid year of independence, July offers a bounty of unusual reasons to celebrate. July 1: National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day In 1984, Ronald Reagan deemed July “National Ice Cream Month,” and the third Sunday of this month “National Ice Cream Day.” As [...]

The Men of Firefly in Art Nouveau

Back in July I was happy to bring you all art nouveau images of the women of Firefly, but if any of you ladies felt left out, here’s Mal, Jayne and the rest in the same style. Swoon. Link Via Nerd Approved