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Elegant Leather Belt Shows Final Level of Super Mario Bros.

Julia of Saluki Feathers makes handcrafted leather dog collars for the ritziest canines of high society. She used those skills to make this belt showing the entire last level of Super Mario Bros. She’s thinking about taking custom orders for other games with a similar horizontal format. Link-via Nerdcore

Knope-Newport and 6 Other Memorable TV Elections

Image credit: Tonight’s season finale of Parks and Recreation will feature one of the most hotly contested elections since Truman defeated Dewey. While we wait to see whether Leslie Knope trumps Bobby Newport for a seat on the Pawnee City Council, here are some of our other favorite TV election episodes. 1. Cheers After Boston City Councilman [...]

Big Mac Steam-Baked Buns

No, no Big Mac is hurt in the making of the Big Mac Steam-Baked Buns (think of it as an homage of the McDonald’s burger), but that doesn’t diminish the nom nom quality of this vegan creation by Julia of No [...]

The Day John Lennon Met Paul McCartney

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. The actual genesis of The Beatles is a bit nebulous and could be argued. However, most Beatles historians cite the date of July 6, 1957 as the official beginning of The Beatles. John Lennon, a Liverpool guitar player [...]

John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

John Lennon was crazy about cats. Over the years, he owned several, plus a few dogs. These are their stories. Elvis Growing up, Lennon had a cat named Elvis, who was owned by his beloved mother, Julia. Julia was worshiped by young John, and they were both crazy about Elvis Presley. The Lennons realized they had misnamed [...]

The Number of the Day: 1,200

In 2001, famed chef and television host Julia Child donated her entire kitchen to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The kitchen, which played host to three of Child’s television programs, contained more than 1,200 items, which were inventoried, packed into containers and shipped to the Smithsonian for reassembly. Related Fact: Child’s famous book Mastering [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Last Suppers

We’ve talked about famous last words before, but how about famous last foods? Some of these soon-to-be-deceased got to choose and others had no idea they were about to munch their last morsels. See what they swallowed, then think about what you’d pick if you knew death was coming. Let us know in the comments. 1. [...]

Adorable Baby Turtles Climbing Vertical Rock Face

(YouTube Link) YouTube user kakashi Julia spotted these baby turtles at a shopping mall in Malaysia. They’re remarkably agile climbers. via Geekosystem

Man Daily Blogs about a Movie about Woman Who Daily Blogged the Recipes of Julia Child

In 2002, blogger Julie Powell decided to spend a year cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She blogged about her experience daily. The blog led to a book. Then, in 2009, this story was turned into a movie called Julie & Julia. Lawrence Dai is taking this process [...]

Unknowingly Stabbed in the Back

22-year-old Julia Popova was mugged on her way home from work in Moscow. She struggled with the purse-snatcher and was so shocked by the experience that she didn’t realize he’d left a 6-inch knife sticking in her neck at the top of her back! Her horrified parents rushed her to hospital where surgeons managed to remove [...]