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Airbrushed Cosmetic Ads Pulled For Being Deceptive

It’s no Ralph Lauren level of photoshopping but cosmetic maker L’Oréal recently got into trouble for airbrushing (already) beautiful women in its latest ads: L’Oréal has been forced to pull ad campaigns featuring Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts and supermodel Christy Turlington, after the advertising watchdog upheld complaints by Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson that the [...]

The Pelican Brief Project

If there’s one thing I like more than mysteries, it’s complicated art projects done for seemingly no reason. The Pelican Brief Project has both! So there’s an excellent video store in West Los Angeles called Cinefile. One day they found a DVD in the return bin that looked a lot like — but wasn’t quite [...]

The Quick 10: Nine People with Heterochromia (and one without)

Heterochromia, in case you didn’t know, is just a fancy word for different-colored eyes. It comes in several forms – different colored eyes entirely, eyes that are part one color and part another, or even eyes that are a different color around the pupil than at the outer edges. It’s quite rare, but a surprising [...]

Man Has Julia Roberts’ Face Tattooed 82 Times on His Body

Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic, a newspaper seller in Mexico, is a big fan of actress Julia Roberts. So much, in fact, that he’s had her face tattooed all over his body 82 times: He splashed out HUNDREDS of pounds on the tattoos after seeing Roberts in her film Erin Brockovich. In the film Roberts plays a legal assistant [...]