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Car Thief Tried to Steal Judge’s Car

Ooh, the nerve of some people! Judge Lillian Sing of San Francisco released a convicted auto thief with some stern warnings, only to get this as payback: Phillip Bernard was in Community Court on Tuesday for a check of [...]

Man Sues His Parents for His Allowance, Court Orders Him to Move out and Find a Job

The parents of a 25-year old man in Spain told him to either look for a job or they would stop paying him $588 in monthly allowance. Then they followed through on their threat. So the young man sued them in court. The judge dismissed his complaint and ordered him to move out of their [...]

When Can A Lawyer Quit A Case?

In criminal matters, a lawyer is duty-bound to defend his client to the best of his ability. There are only a few specific scenarios in which it is considered OK to quit representing a defendant. For example, what if the defendant tells the lawyer that he plans to lie on the witness stand? Allowing perjury [...]

Revolver Fires 28 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Brazilian armsmaker Taurus caused a stir when it released “The Judge” — a revolver that fires shotguns shells in addition to handgun cartridges. The Judge shoots .410 gauge shells as well as .45 Long Colt cartridges. “The Raging Judge”, pictured above, goes even further in this approach, firing the much larger 28 gauge shell. Link | [...]

Yoda Talking Plush

Yoda 9″ Talking Plush – $25.95 Judge him by cuteness, do you? Why, actually, if you do, you’ll find that the Yoda talking plush from the NeatoShop is incredibly cute. Push his belly and hear his pearls of wisdoms, you will: Link | More fun Star Wars stuff | More Plush Toys