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11 Country Stars and Their Cookbooks

1. Kitty Wells Country Kitchen Cookbook by Kitty Wells (1964) The Queen of Country Music published three volumes of cookery over thirty years. In addition to down-home delights like 7-Up Poundcake (which contains a full can of the soda), she also offered Tex-Mex and Hawaiian recipes. 2. Cooking With Kenny Rogers by Kenny Rogers (1987) Rogers was a [...]

Star Trek: The Angry Birds

(Video Link) An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation entitled “The Game” told of a simple but addictive video game that captured the minds of Enterprise crewmen. It sent subliminal messages to them and nearly permitted pirates to capture the ship. Wesley Crusher and a young ensign played by Ashley Judd discerned the true, malevolent [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Famous Student Sections in College Basketball

I went to my first Duke game last week, and I have to say – I was impressed. The fans were pretty amazing. The Cameron Crazies have been repeatedly ranked as the best student section in college sports, but there are definitely some other frenzied fans out there trying to give them a run for [...]

The Early Game Show Appearances of 10 Future Stars

1. Mel Harris In 1979 future thirtysomething star Mary Ellen Harris (her real name, as we found out) competed on the $20,000 Pyramid. She gave her occupation as a “professional dog trainer,” a resume bullet point that seems to be missing from all her official biographies. Mel was a fierce competitor, but she missed the big [...]

Personal Laws à la Star Trek

Remember the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode with Ashley Judd (rrrowr!) as Ensign Robin Lefler? She has a set of 102 “personal laws” to live by. “When I learn something essential,” she explained, “I make up a law about it. That way, I never forget.” Neatoramanaut John Farrier of The Zeray Gazette was inspired [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrities Who Attended College Post-Fame

Just because you’ve made millions before the age of 18 doesn’t mean you don’t need an education. Just ask Emma Watson and the Olsen twins. Despite earning a more-than respectable living before most of us have even held down a part-time job, these 10 celebrities decided they needed something to fall back on should the [...]