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Swifts travel 3,000 miles in five days

Scientists have recorded swifts flying vast distances of over 3,000 miles in the space of a few days. The remarkable journey has been documented by ta…

NASA successfully launches Curiosity rover

A new journey to Mars begins as the huge car-sized rover is launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It will take over eight months for the $2.5 billi…

Orang Pendek expedition begins

Richard Freeman has embarked upon a journey to Sumatra in search of the mysterious ape-like creature. Sumatra’s rainforests have suffered greatly due …

The Six Stages of Movie Geek Evolution

Are you a movie geek? More importantly, are you an evolved movie geek? It’s a long journey from watching cartoons as a kid to honestly enjoying films for what they are -and some stages in between can be difficult. Read about all six stages at The Droids You’re Looking For. Link -via Blame It On [...]

Jessica youngest sailor Crosses the World

A British sailor who helped Jessica Watson overcome some of the toughest moments during her journey around the world has hinted that the pair may have become more than just good friends.Mike Perham, who was 17 when he became the youngest person to sail solo assisted around the world in 2009, flew out to Sydney [...]

How Wizard of Oz Should Have Logically Ended

A journey to the Emerald City? Meeting strangers that have no brain, no heart and no courage? Getting attacked by flying monkeys? If you think about it, the Wizard of Oz is needlessly long and complicated. The folks over at How It Should Have Ended created a short animation that tells us logically how the [...]

Beautiful Illustrations from Soviet Children’s Books

The artblog A Journey Around My Skull has a compilation of unusual and surreal illustrations from children’s books of the Soviet Union. This image is from the 1989 book Hello, I’m A Robot Stanislav Zigunenko and illustrated by E. Benyaminson. At the link, you’ll see the first post in a series about such illustrations. Link via [...]

New Horizons spacecraft is half way to Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft launched in 2006 and has since been travelling towards Pluto, a historic 3-billion-mile, 10-year journey to the sma…

Galileo’s (other) Finger, Tooth, and Thumb Have Been Found

It’s been a long and undoubtedly strange journey for Galileo Galilei’s various body parts. Some of you will recall that when his body was reinterred in 1737, his middle finger was removed, along with several other body parts. The finger and a vertebra have been stored (and displayed) in museums in Florence and Padua. However, after [...]

Fantasy Bookplates

Will at A Journey Around My Skull asked readers to create bookplates in the style of the early-20th century magazine Der Orchideengarten (previously at Netaorama) for a contest. They were to include orchids and other flowers, corpses, giant insects, monsters, or diseases. The entries are quite interesting! Memphis artist Michelle Duckworth was the overall winner. [...]