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AHA! Sticky Notes

AHA! Sticky Notes – $2.95 Are you having an epiphany or moment of clarity? Quick, jot down your thoughts on a AHA! Sticky Note from the NeatoShop. This nifty little notepad comes with 100 sheets so that you may express your genius over and over again.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]

Cookie Master

Have you ever aspired to be a fortune cookie writer? Most of us who ever received a lame fortune have contemplated it for a short time. However, there aren’t many of these positions available. Donald Lau is the vice-president of Wonton Food, Inc. in Queens, New York. In addition to his financial work, he has [...]

To-Do List Tattoo

Photo: overdue underdone [Flickr] Flickr user overdue underdone has his own “Palm Pilot” (shouldn’t that be wrist pilot?) – a practical tattoo of a notebook/to-do list on his left wrist that lets him jot down notes and things to do. Link – via Oddee, who has a list of other unusually practical tattoos

Jury Doodles

Chris Roth served on a jury for a civil case that lasted for seven days. The case was interesting (involving a stripper), but seven days in a jury box is still a long time. Jurors were given notebooks to jot down important things, so Roth drew pictures. Lots of them, which you can see at [...]

10 Most Useful Online Tools

The web is full of online tools, but I bet that you just use a handful of them every day. Indeed, the hardest thing about using online tools is finding them – sometimes you have to wade through a lot of mediocre tools to find the one that suits your need. Well, here’s my list – [...]